Rendering method for bulk 3d assets.

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Hi Everyone,

I had been creating 3d assets for a while and during pandemic I added lots of new assets to my portfolio but preparing images one by one for all those assets is a tiring process. So I really appreciate an expert advise how to prepare a render setup to get images for all assets individually with same camera angles (such front, rear, left, right, top and 45 degree alterations of each). So basically all the assets (around 100) are in the same scene and I'm looking for a method so I simply move them to render area and render all images at once. Is it doable or should I think of a different aspect? Btw I'm using Maya for modelling.



Posted 3 months ago

Use batch rendering. I don't use Maya, but I'm sure it has that capability. Just set up an animated camera that is set up to move to a different angle at each frame. So if you want 7 angles, then the camera would have a new position on the first 7 frames. Then batch render all the "animations" at once using a batch render option in your render engine.

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I seem to have overlooked the fact that you have all the models in the same scene. I'm assuming you mean that they are in the same template, but not all together in the same file. I would create a template scene file, then just import each object into that template one by one (shouldn't take long once the template is made), and save out a new temporary file for each model. Then with an animated camera, you can just batch render each scene file as an animation. This is the reason you need to have each model in a separate file (not all together in one file), because you need to save the render results to a different folder for each model.

For example, you have box001, box002, box003, etc., each in the same template file, but saved out as individual scene files so that you can change the render output location for each to be folder001, folder002, folder003, etc. This way the batch render will just go to work on all those files at once, and output to the correct folders for an organized result.

scifi3d wrote
I figured out batch rendering but only downside of my problem is that I need to separate all models in to different scenes so batch renderer can work on it. It is more clear now. thanks for your time :)
luxxeon wrote
You are very welcome. Yes, it can be tedious at first, but once you get things going you'll find it's not as bad as it seems. I'll usually just open up my template scene file, then merge a model into it, make any minor adjustments that need to be done to cameras or render settings, and then Save As. Don't even leave the template scene file. Just merge another model into it, and repeat the process. I'd say it might take an hour per every 30 models or so.

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