Refund Eligibility for stolen 3d assets which got removed from the store?

Discussion started by eswitzer07

In short, several months back I purchased a model here I believed to be a good game asset, but turned out was a rip from Left 4 Dead when some fans of a published game it was used in called it out. I contacted support about the issue, trying to get a refund, and it seems the asset was removed (trying to view the asset now redirects you), but I never got an official reply on this - just silence.

Are there refunds available for these sorts of assets, or does the same refund policy apply as all other types of assets?


Posted 11 days ago

Hey, eswitzer07
You need to contact with Support. You can do it in Live Chat >

eswitzer07 wrote
Do you have a link by chance? I cant find any sort of live chat window, or menu option on my browser. I've emailed both and with no response.
Posted 11 days ago

On the right side of the site should have a button 'Help'. Do you have such a button?

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