Quiz: Tell Real Wildlife Photography from Rendering

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Hello, everyone!

We realised that photorealism is something that drives us crazy. Of course, it is the goal of lots of 3D artists, but it is simply stunning, isn't it? I know that almost every designer likes to inspect the images and tell the real ones from the fake ones. I guess some of them may sit for hours examining their eyes of the eagle that are able to distinct images with the touch of 3D designer. So, I am glad knowing it. 

According to all of this, we decided to provide some soft content for you to enjoy, challenge yourselves and relax for 5 minutes in the busy circle of the day. So, we have a quiz, consisting from the wildlife photographs, shot by the professional camera-men, who may have been waiting for a long hours to capture one or another moment, and from the extremely photorealistic renderings that also take a lot of time, but requires different skills and tallents to possess. So, you think you are really good in the field of CG? Prove it! 


P.S. Even our CEO, who is a 3D designer himself, did not manage to get all the correct answers. Please, feel free to share your opinions, impressions and anything you have about this quiz and future blog contents. It would be nice to know, what interests you. 

Have a nice day! 


Posted over 7 years ago

I am pretty sure that the first one is a photograph. The other ones are simple to recognize (at least for me...)

Posted about 7 years ago

Well, got everything right except the coiled snake, it looked fake but even photos can look fake!

The coala was the most challenging, I guess the Hair/Fur renderig is getting top-notch, but the hairs are still very even in color and width.

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