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hi, i have some questions about doing projects here


CGTrader 3D Modeling Jobs,

you go to a project,there is some pics, and some description about what is needed and some 3d formats that is required by the man who wants the model.

a price that is offered and you can change it.

that's fine.

then, you should write somethings about your experience and etc, some photos that shows your work.

it's ok too.

here is the question:

when you apply, you should wait for the one who ordered to start doing the project,

or you should start the project and send the pics and wait for applying?

cause i some projects, but there was no response.

what should i do exactly?


Posted 4 months ago

please wait for response before starting the project. either you'll waste your time.

Posted 4 months ago


The designer should only start working on a project when it is moved to 'In progress' tab.
This means that the client has made a prepayment and we're holding it until he/she is happy with the work.
Then the client has to click on 'Finish the project' button at the top right of the project screen - this will transfer the project to the 'Archive' tab and the royalties will be applied to the designer's account.

Best regards,
Agota from CGTrader

msjavadzade wrote
do i receive an email when the client wants me to do his/her project?
richcontentit wrote
Hi, what if the client has already accepted our application and we have received notification of project being moved to "In progress" tab. However, after we, designer, send all the files but then the client doesn't reply or get back to us anymore and we receive notification that the project we were awarded is going to expire in a few days. So, in this case, are we, designer, still going to get our money? Please kindly enlighten me. Thank you.
Posted 27 days ago

Hi there!

You receive the Payment when the client presses "Finish the project" button.

If the project is in the progress tab, but the client stopped responding after you provided the files, you should contact Please send the exact name of the project and our 3D team will check, if the model you sent matches the original requirements. If yes, the project will be finished manually by us and you will receive your payment.

If you have more questions, please contact us via

Agota from CGT

richcontentit wrote
Hi there, thank you very much for your kind reply, I really appreciate it, really. As suggested, I have just sent an email to I look forward to hearing from you guys. Thank you again.
richcontentit wrote
Also, just out of curiosity, so that I don't always get worried in the future, if my client stops responding in the middle of a project, i.e.: files sent and client stops responding, when the project expires, will I, or will I not, receive the payment for the project in which my application was accepted? Please kindly enlighten me on this matter. Thank you for your time and kind understanding. Please kindly bear with me as I am rather new to this website.

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