Possible stolen or wrongfully sold assets

Discussion started by burningsnoman

I was looking for a particular asset and stumbled upon the exact one I was looking for.
However, the person who originally made and sold that particular asset is no longer selling it anymore.
Not on Sketchfab, CGTrader, the Unity asset store or any other store that I can find.

However a user here on cgtrader seems to be re-selling said asset.

I think this person is trying to re-sell someone else's work.
I'm not sure where I would report something like this.



And the original posts for the assets can be Seen but not bought on sketchfab still



Posted 4 months ago

You should contact the original user on Sketchfab and if it's the same artist. I don't think that CGTrader would do anything without a claim from the original artist. Perhaps it could be the same artist.

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