Permanently apply changes in the geometry editor

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In DAZ 3D, how do I apply changes in the geometry editor? Every time I close my project and reopen it, I have to redo all of my changes again (like hiding things). Is there a way to do this?


Posted 11 months ago

Just hiding and saving won't work as you write since that is thought to help you during edit only not permanently hiding.

There are 2 ways to keep polygons hidden I know:

1. Way:
Step 1: If the polygons you want to hide aren't assigned to a surface group yet mark them with geometry editor enabled.
Step 2: Create new surface group (right click -> "Geometry assignment" -> "Create surface from selected" -> name it.
Step 3: Switch to surfaces tab, mark your created surface and search for "Cutout opacity". Then put the slider to 0 if you want to make them full invisible. Save your project and they will be kept hidden.

2.Way: For rigged objects you can hide / unhide geometry with hiding their bones (scene tab). That will be saved aswell.

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