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The payment was made using “Paysera” , who knows what this system is, and if it doesn't work in my country ,I can't even register , what should I do if CG has already sent money ?


Posted 2 months ago

Hi there,

Please contact us via and we will provide you more information about the situation.

Austėja from CGTrader

hovpoghosyan-21 wrote
I'm already written to you and waiting for your response
austeja-ambrazeviciute wrote
Team will get back to you shortly, they are working on the issue at the moment.
Posted 2 months ago

@hovpoghosyan-21, can i ask where did you get notification about payment via Paysera? I would be very interested if it would be possible to change payment method from Paypal to Paysera, but as far as i know, it's not possible with Cgtrader.

hovpoghosyan-21 wrote
I had a problem with my payment system, they did not send using "Paysera", there been written "paysera" but they didn't send, they were waiting for me to change my payment method, now I changed to "paypal" and waiting for them to send through this.
LemonadeCG wrote
Thanks for explanation. For a moment i had a hope, that Cgtrader may started to offer Paysera as payment option...

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