Payment system is absolutely garbage?

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Apparently it takes CGTrader 1 and a half month to process just a shy of a $100. A customer bought a model from me on January 3rd yet I’m unable to receive that payment until February 20th, almost 1 and a half months after. Anyone have similar problems? It’s very frustrating when you’re small working creator, wanting to receive your hard given earnings the month it’s sold in but is unable due to the fact that CGTrader doesn’t give shit about their sellers, at all!


Posted 4 months ago

You're still going to get your earnings. CGTrader does not hide the fact that they pay out the current month sales on the 20 (or earlier). Every other member here is aware of that fact and accept it. Many have complained about it, but are still here.
Many similar websites are going in the same direction. If you don't like their policy, nobody is forcing you to be a member here.

Posted 4 months ago

It's relatively fair and normal conditions. I can wait month or more to get secure payment. More problems and complicating things does the payment operators (e.g. damned PayPal). Anyway CGTrader offers more better conditions and cuts more less than competing platforms (like helly greedy TurboSquirt or useless 3dExport).

Aztec3DStudios wrote
Honestly I’m just quite frustrated, I use Etsy and they pay weekly. And the fees are like 10% of your payment then what they’re offering here, I don’t understand why they can’t do the same. But thanks for the feedback, and information!
Posted 4 months ago

Some competing marketplace makes each transaction directly through paypal into your wallet and i hate it so much. It's much better when marketplace is collecting payments and transfers them once, or twice per month, like cgtrader does. Personally for me it makes no difference if i get paid on 1st, or on 20th of the month - in the end i still get 12 payments per year.

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