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Can someone explain me how long i will wait money to be sent on my card ? Is this true that they send money every 20th in mount or ? Becaus in my infomration it wrote will be paind untile next 20th in mounth? And whic is reason of that ?

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Posted about 1 month ago

Everything you earn this month (october) will be paid on 20th next month (november). Thats cgt policy when it comes to this. I think they do this because its easier to collect and pay at once, than to pay artists one by one in realtime. Also cgt needs time room in order to fight fraudelent transactions, thieves that sell stolen models etc.

Posted about 1 month ago

Hi there,

The payments are done before or on the 20th of every upcoming month for the sales you made. In example, if you made your sale on October 22nd, your payment will be issued on November 20th.

In case you made your sales on September and didn't get them on October, please contact us via and we will help you.

Austėja from CGTrader

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