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I’m looking for other websites to post my models (for free) i already gave accounts on SketchUp and plan to create one on TurboSquid too, but are there any other free-sign-up websites I can post my models? Thank you for reading this, it would mean a lot if you clicked the upvote button. Thank you!


Posted 29 days ago

Some here on my blog mate; https://stgbooks.blogspot.com/2021/03/selling-3d-models-complete-guide.html

There are many, many more though. Some affiliated with TurboSquid so you get terrible royalties.

Posted 24 days ago

Razor - there are many sites on the Asian market for buying 3D models. But - be ready for lost you intellectual property ) Asian modelers buyed 3D models other 3D artist and pass them off as their own for the purpose of resale :)

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