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Hey everyone,

I just had a question about file conversion from .blend to others. Is there any way that you know of to convert .blend files to something other besides the built-in? For example, I might want to create a .3ds file from a .blend. If there's any way you know of, please tell me. :)



Posted 10 months ago

There's a free 3d software called MeshLab which does a good job of converting various open-source file formats to all kinds of other file formats. Since .blend is the proprietary Blender scene file format, there aren't any other software packages out there that support it directly other than Blender itself. However, you could export any of the models to .OBJ, for example, and then use something like MeshLab to import that OBJ and convert it to .3ds or .ply or whatever format it can support (there are dozens). Keep in mind that .3ds is a very old file format that does have its limitations. I don't think it will support high poly objects at all. Anything over 60k polygons will not be supported using .3ds.

PetabyteStudios wrote
Thanks, this has been really helpful. I'll check it out!

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