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From what I read, I need permission from the copyright holder to ask for the creation of a model on this site, eg Audi or Ford. And I have to ask a few questions 1. how to get such permission? 2. Do I have to pay for them? 3. And does every model about which is displayed on this site have such permission? 4. If I ask you to create a model without permission, what would the consensus be and would I expose in this way the person who created and exhibited this model on the site? ps. I apologize for the mistakes but I used the google translator


Posted over 2 years ago

Hmmm I'm not able to correctly answer you but just by seeing the number of trademarked car models on CGT not a lot cares about permissions it seems

Posted over 2 years ago

Hello quintreed185,

Thank you for reaching out.

In order to use models such as Audi or Ford (or any other brand) for commercial purposes, you have to obtain additional clearances from the copyright owner. Permission should be obtained before you complete your project. Depending on what brand you are going to use in your project, you need to contact the representative of the company who is responsible for licensing.
You should usually expect to pay something—even a minimal fee—for commercial license.
When using 3D jobs, feel free to request any model you need, however, be aware that additional clearances may be required.

If you would like to discuss any other matter, feel free to contact us at support@cgtrader.com or via chat.

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