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how do i see what versions the exported files i exported from Blender are?


Posted 9 months ago

Are you looking for files versions, or for a version of Blender which was used to export those files? I don't think that OBJ and STL have versioning at all. FBX has version information saved with the file, but since FBX is a basically black-box format, there's probably not many software that can properly read it and give you the needed info. I know that 3ds Max can show you FBX file version on import, but if you don't have it, that's not much help for you. As for OBJ, you can open it in notepad, or any other text editor, since it's basically a simple text file and look what's written in its header, some programs write more useful information there than others.

realitybytes wrote
thanks for the info. i'm looking for the file versions - just because cg trader asks for the file versions when uploading a model. but others have told me i don't really need to add the file versions so, i'll try uploading without any info i can't find. thanks again
LemonadeCG wrote
Don't mind what cgtrader ask - they're asking file version even for texture files :] File versions are important for DCC native formats, but for exchange formats versions makes little sense.
Posted 9 months ago

Blender exports to FBX 7.4 (FBX 2014).

realitybytes wrote
thanks; could you provide a link to where this is stated? is there a blender documentation page with this info i can look at? i couldn't find any and it'd be something interesting to keep an eye on.
IndieArt wrote
Until the blender 2.8 you were able to select an FBX version in export window, between 7.4 binary and 6.X ASCII. Then they removed ASCII and left only 7.4 binary. You can see the version in fbx python script. https://github.com/blender/blender-addons/blob/main/io_scene_fbx/fbx_utils.py

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