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Discussion started by Kaptur2000

Notification center has not been working for 5 days,the support service does not respond to me and I do not see my sales. I think that the site goes into lockdown or one of the site's employees decided to ignore the designers.What do you think about this?


Posted 4 months ago

Hello there,
Thank you for contacting us.
We did reply to your inquiry about this issue.
Notifications were temporarily disabled due to increased traffic on the marketplace, however, they will be re-enabled shortly.
Kind regards,
Agota from CGTrader

Posted 4 months ago

@agota1997 Can't you just get a better hosting?
The site is unstable for months.
I have to refresh the page of my messages multiple time to access it. Images are not loading randomly...
There were multiple complaints in the forum of different pages not working properly.
You can't just turn off features every time there is more traffic and pretend this is a serious business site.

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