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Hey guys,

I was looking around the 3D models, and I relies all of the designers who had made models that are based on films/games which is fair enough, but its illegal to put a price on it that is not your copyright. I don't mind if is free, such as you made the Death Star and its free to download that is legal. You can only sell your items if you making that is based on real life or your own creative vision.

Therefore I'm declaring that if I am making something that is based on film/games, then I will sell it for free for download and printing as my New Years Resolution.

Happy Holidays Everyone :) :) and a Happy New Year :) :) :)


Posted over 5 years ago

Hi Chris,

I am agree with you. In all the marketplace where I am used to sell my models, I saw that there is a lot of products covered by copyright. It it also true that some marketplaces have stipulated a kind of contract with some companies.
However, I don't feel safe to sell a product protected by copyright, not even for free download.

Happy Holidays and Happy 2016!!

Posted over 5 years ago

I agree that is better to stay away from copyrighted material, it´s not yours.
I´m not quite sure about sharing copyrighted stuff for free, maybe you can harm the company somewhat, and be sued, even if you didn´t want or even knew it, so, better be cautious.

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