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Hi all, 

I'm new here, and I wanted to introduce myself and ask a couple quick questions. I am a student at Ferris State University and currently I am interning at a 3d Viz company, but I also freelance (my website can be found here). I work mainly in 3ds Max with Mental, V-ray, and Cebas FinalRender. I'm also proficient in a variety of other software too. But I came across this site while searching for assets, and I found some really great stuff. After going through the content, my interest in selling my models really peaked, and I was wondering how well models sell on CG trader. I am also concerned about the possibility of users taking my models and putting them on free websites or torrenting them and etc. Any comments/ critique on my portfolio/ website, are appreciated though. 

Thanks again!


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Hello there.
A: This is a fast growing, interesting market. Wether you can make a living on 3d stock or not is an open, heated debate. If you manage to find your niche market, your models are high quality and you ask a fair price then the thing is usually worth your time.
B: Pirating, torrenting and people selling YOUR models are a widespread issue. The risk is always present. Keep in mind that if you find a paid model of yours on a site for free, then you can ask the site to take it down. Since it's a commercial product they have to comply. Most free models sites aren't into piracy anyway, and pirating commercial products means troubles. Also, many customers pay attention to what they buy/get, becouse buying a pirated model can cause them to be sued and this means a huge money loss.
Anyway, welcome onboard.

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I like this site ideas are so Great hope we can do much

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Hello Everyone,
I found this site very interesting. Artists from different places can get together here.
And the idea of selling 3d model is really cool. Nw first of all i want to introduce myself, My name is Veer karayat. I am from India. Currently working as a Lighting and Shading Artist for More than one and a half year. Basically I am an Environment and Hard surface Artist. You guys can check my work here..
I am completely new here. So please keep in touch.
Thank you all..

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