New EU law about copyrights/censoring internet with deep impact on sites like CGTrader

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Another crazy EU law incoming. You can read about it here


"Article 13 is a provision in the proposed EU Copyright Directive mandating that all content uploaded to the internet be monitored and potentially deleted if a likeness to existing copyrighted content is detected. This provision will be voted on by the end of 2018.

Whether a creator or a consumer, everyone who uses the internet will be affected by this law — which is why we all need to speak out against it.

If you are a creator or independent business, the content that you upload to share with your audience might be deleted without your consent. Creators include but are not limited to artists –such as cartoonists, gamers, illustrators, photographers, documentary filmmakers, animators, musicians, DJs, and dancers,– bloggers, journalists, and technologists.

Online platforms will be required to implement complex and expensive filtering systems and will be held liable for copyright infringement, potentially incurring fines that threaten their economic viability."

If passed this will have deep impact on the whole internet and especially on the sites like CGTrader.

Use the link below to email or tweet your EU parliament politics before the vote on June 20.

More info:


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This is very disturbing. EUSSSR want to control and regulate every aspect of our lives, especially our money. I hope this will be rejected.... But even if it pass, there will always be possibility to sell models with editorial license i hope.

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"We have a 1st win! On 5 July, the European Parliament plenary voted against the mandate to start negotiations with Council. However, the battle to defeat the Article 13 Censorship Machine is far from over: it must now be won in the European Parliament plenary in September."

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this horrible article now approved...
What we will do now...

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