Need Suggestion on To change models which are already sold .

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Good Morning,
I have decided to add Unreal file formal to all my models in my model library, in this case I have encounter some artefacts which are caused by scaling, If scale-up then output from UE came out as expected, So I need to scale up my all models,
So my question is can I apply this for my previous uploaded models also or just for new uploads
Feel free to give any other good suggestion.
Thank You.


Posted 5 months ago

You're the master of your own models, why do you think you need someone's permission to update the models, especially if the update will fix some issues?

rushidimber wrote
In the production we cant change scale, that will kill shots, I just don't want to confuse them, or I can just place an extra attribute to get old scale back, if somethings goes crazy. Thank @LemonadeCG.
Posted 5 months ago

Just add the updated model(s) to the download area and include a description or meaningful file name, like "filex_scaleupdated_fix_date.file". That way your customers can access both the old and new files.

rushidimber wrote
yeah That's a great Idea, Will definitely use that

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