Need Explanation for Suspended my account??

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Dear Cgtraders Employs,

I need explnation for my suspended account (vedantcreation18) , i have upload only one models with pure my work only. why you suspended my account, i have not stolen any models.


Posted 3 months ago

When you have been expelled for selling stolen models, there are no second chances, much less third, fourth, fifth ... CGT is obliged to take the necessary measures to avoid repeated and imminent infractions and that includes the permanent expulsion of the violators. Some copyright owners defend their rights to the ultimate consequences, not to be made a joke. Be glad that it is the worst thing that happened to you, because this type of infraction can have administrative and even criminal sanctions, depending on the severity of the infraction.

CGT should send the expelled, an automatic reply with the reason for expulsion, to avoid messages like this in the forum. Or better yet, take effective action with repeat offenders, rather than wasting time with them.

Posted 3 months ago

Contact the Help desk. Press the little green tab on the right side of your screen and fill out the form. Someone will get back to you.

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