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Hello ! Friendly Greetings to Everyone !

We are Virtual World - Virtual Reality - MY VIRTUAL COMMUNITY !

We are group, team of enthusiasts of virtual worlds and we have started our virtual adventure many years ago.

After many years dealing with various virtual projects, we have decided, due to our knowledge, abilities, skills, and possibilities, that we are sufficiently 

prepared to build, create and develop our own Virtual Reality, our vision: MY VIRTUAL COMMUNITY.

Our world, in technical aspect is three-dimensional environment working as 3D multi user application server.

For creators and designers who deal with 3d-modelling it can be considered as marvelous platform for visualisation of Your creations and instantaneous 

interactions with users. In this way, You can verify usability of Your models, their attractiveness and other various factors that have significant influence on Your art 

and business.

Technically, we work with meshes in the COLLADA format,. We support triangles and polygons. Models can be rigged and non-rigged.

- up to 8 texture faces per Prim

- 65536 vertices per texture Face

-21844 triangles per Texture Face

- up to 4 influences per vertex

We would like to invite interested persons: creator, designers and everyone to check our Virtual Reality - MY VIRTUAL COMMUNITY 

We want to offer free virtual space = region for each creator and designer for your tests, creations, experiments, it can be other kind of so called online-lab

That is our webpage:

If You have any questions we may gladly answer via e-mail:

These are some of snapshots:

Have A Nice Day to Everyone !


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Looks interesting!

Posted over 5 years ago

I am participating this virtual world too :)

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