My new table setting .... My creative work

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My new table setting .... My creative work
anyone interested can see here in the gallery

... and you can buy models in my profile.

If there are suggestions or wishes, I will be glad to hear


Posted 6 months ago

I really like the render. Especially the smudges and micro-scratches in the metal textures. That added a sense of true realism to the objects which are absent in most other renders I've seen of this type of thing. If I took a photo of a real table setting, I'd expect to see some imperfections in the metal just like that, even if it had been buffed and polished. Most of the time someone will touch the stuff after buffing in some way, or the buffing and polishing itself tend to leave streaks or smudges. Good work including those.

Posted 6 months ago

Amazing Work. Which software is used to render the scene?

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