My Journey So Far - From April 2022 to Now

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Hello to all!

It's been awhile since I made my initial post in the CGTrader Forums. So far in the market business, its been going - Having the ups and downs but nothing extreme. I've been mostly working on 3D Models and checking around the forums. I have recently seen some negative stuff floating around in the CGTrader forums. I want to go ahead and shed some positive light for my journey both from the seller and buyer perspective and also just give some hope for any beginner artist. I'm still learning the ropes and trying my best to keep on improving and learning new tips and tricks within Blender.

As a Buyer:

Honestly, for my own personal experience its been very positive. Seeing a lot of talent artist making some really amazing 3D stuff/models. I did have some issue with some of the models that I did purchased but I was able to speak with the seller and able to get it fix. Amazing support and I'm a very happy with some of the awesome models, able to play around with and test the limits of Blender.

As a Seller:

It's been a slow side for myself. I'm not the greatest artist in the world and still need a lot of practice and keep on improving my skills. I'm extremely happy to say that I actual got a purchased from one of my models and really do hope they like the model. I also been doing some free models from my initial setup/start of CGTrader but sadly just like what I seen from the forums, I've noticed some are just grabbing the textures and running away, not actually downloading the full set. So far haven't really seen any of my models be re-sell/re-upload onto other yay! for that lol

Overall - It's been a bumpy road trip but still looking and moving forward to the future, I hope to continue selling and creating - Keep on being awesome and power through!


Posted 2 months ago

I'm looking for a business part! Would u like to talk about it?
But my models are mostly fashion 3D, game ready

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