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Hey, my name is Lukas Juricka,

I started few years ago with Cinema 4D R6, then R13, R14, R19, then Zbrush R8, Unity etc.

my artworks are here:

Next year I am planning start some programming because I have quite a lot of models made in my laptop.

If you want support me, let me know what you need or download this soldier I made.

I will improve a quality, I promise.

If you like it, share with a friends, if you know some 3d art studio, let them know, show my portfolio, thanks.



Posted about 2 months ago

Good luck with your products and career. I wish everyone used your pricing model. ;) One thing you should look to do is offer more variety of file formats. If you model in Zbrush and C4D, it might benefit you to offer those native formats along with FBX. Happy Holidays.

Posted about 2 months ago

More light on the promo pictures will be good, so the details on the model can be seen.

Posted about 2 months ago

As jonjensen said, the details of some of your models are not clear enough. You can add more light in your scene

maddex88 wrote

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