Models STOLEN and RESOLD on EBay! Again...

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I have been lately struggling with a wave of theft. During last couple of months I have found my models being sold illegaly on Ebay twice (in both cases by people from Moldavia...) Last time it was actually a user here on CGT by the nickname of altezzamd. Now the reseller goes by the name of Decart3D. Maybe it is the same guy, just rebranded... The first time I have managed to force the guy to take them down. The new one seems particularly cocky - he wrote to me "Design is similar, work is mine." I know I will manage to take it down eventually, although the legal process on ebay takes so long... And it requires a lot of filling out forms etc... Almost as if it was created to protect the thief...

Anyhow - does anybody here has had a problem like that? How did You cope?

I would love to hear from the CGT team. Since it strikes at heart of their businnes as well, and I am sure they have a lot more "lawyer power" than most of us. I am certain that a well written message from an actual lawyer with ability to go through with anything, would be a lot more effective than shouting of single designer. If CGT would not mind helping out here, it would be really appreciated. I am afraid since the 3D market is growing, such things will happen more and more often. In most cases the victim is just a small artist, without the knowledge and experience on how to deal with such situations...

Well, would love to hear Your thoughts on the matter. CGT seems to be blocking links to ebay and it somehow I cannot upload pictures of the auctions, but here are CGT links my models I am talking about:


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That is crazy! Would there be any benefit distributing your files with a disclaimer(like a word file)? While that does not prevent them from doing what they do it does add give you more legal weight.

Virtually everything is ripped-off in one way or another: software, 3d models etc. And its guys like us that get undercut when that happens, CGT does have disclaimers and to a certain degree we are protected but this kind of behavior can not truly be prevented.

I understand it may be a lot of paperwork to retract the models on EBay, but perhaps therein lies the opportunity: Sell you own models on Ebay! This fraudster obviously makes money off of it. You could alternatively offer him a royalty agreement whereby you make a percentage off of all the models he sells on there. These aren't necessarily safeguards but they my be options that can benefit you.

Let us know how it goes.

Cassini wrote
Awesome models btw!
clayguy wrote
Thank You:) it seems it is not so easy... would really could use CGT's help here.
Posted almost 3 years ago


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