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Good day,

I need some advice,

I just finished a freelance project and was wondering what rights do I have on the 3D models.

And when I model a 3D model for someone, am I allowed to resell it after a time period?

I've been modeling six years now but my first time selling and doing freelance work.

Should I state it from the start with the client?

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Kamp Game Studio


Posted 5 months ago

When a client invites you to work on a project, he may indicate if you're allowed to resell the final product in the marketplace. If you don't see such indication, then you must asume that you're not allowed to resell. It's also possible that the client forgot to indicate this, or he's simply not aware about such option, so it never hurts to ask him about that. In any case you must remember, that without explicit permision from the client, it is NOT alowed to resell the product in its original form, or any derivatives. I would advice in the future to clear these things with a client before you'll start working on the project.

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