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So about a Year ago i bought a Model from CG Trader like you do, and i used it for a game, and about 6 months ago i haven't been able to access it, and about 3 months ago it disappeared from "My Purchases" folder in CG trader. im assuming the model got removed from CG trader for some reason, but is there any way i could ever get that model back, cause i spent 14.00 USD on it and would like to use it again.




Posted 15 days ago

Probably stolen model that is removed as a result of a seller ban, contact cgt support via green help button on the right of the screen, but i doubt that (in this case) they can do anything, also if your game is commercial check that model, in case that it's stolen can get you a trouble.

Posted 15 days ago

If the model indeed was stolen, then the buyer may ask for refund, but good luck to prove that.

Posted 13 days ago

Hi there,

This might have happened for various reasons.

Please message our support team via support@cgtrader.com and we will assist you.

Greta CGT

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