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Recently, I received an email for cgtrader about "suspicious activity" for giving someone my email address. Just to clear things up I 100% gave away my email address. I gave it so that the person I am collaborating with could actually send things that we need to be able to share. Like blueprints and models. stuff that we can email each other. However, cgtrader is now threatening punishments if I continue to give away my email. The cgtrader message system doesn't have a sharing option so you cannot share photos, models or anything like that. So to sum up what has been said, either give me a sharing option or stop punishing me trying to improvise.

Thank you for listening to my rant.






Posted over 4 years ago

Hi Pamela,

Our team is currently working on messaging system, which we hope will bring very good results and will remove the obstacles you mentioned.

The email you received is an automatic one, so there will definitely be no punishments for doing everything right. In this case, the option to attach files is not a wrong-doing.

Eddie, CGTrader

Brenden-Pilsner wrote
Thank you for letting me know. Sorry.

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