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Hey, this is more directly at the CG Trader people but what are the odds of including a marmoset viewer plugin to product pages? It is an awesome way to show your work as the lighting uses HDR and supports every material map that is used in the game industry right now and artists making non-game models could still create a lower poly version to display their work. Here's an example I just grabbed randomly.

Upper right has two icons, one is full screen (right) and one does a breakdown of all the different layers (left icon)

I just think this would be another great way to show work and give buyers a better idea of what they would be purchasing. This may not be for every modeler here obviously as some models are high res for architectural rendering etc. but I think it would serve most creators well. Just wanted to throw it out there.


Posted over 5 years ago

Wow! Not only is the Marmoset Viewer great, that model's painting shows so beautifully! Good suggestion, Grumpntug!

grumpntug wrote
Yeah. I know CGT has Verold and Sketchfab which are ok but they just don't deliver the quality that Marmoset viewer does. I think it would just be beneficial to all parties involved. also that ant lion model is 300k polys so it can handle a good poly load too.
tersta wrote
I didn't know CGT has Verold and Sketchfab. That's cool. 300k? Where does a model like that get used? But yes, the quality difference between Verold and Marmoset is stark. Verold is 'nice'. Marmoset is 'stunningly vivid'.
Posted about 4 years ago

Will this 3D viewer will ever be implemented here in cgtrader? Cause it's been a year and still nothing.... :(

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