Looking for 3D Environment Modeler and 3D Animator for a horror game.

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Hello, I'm currently searching for additional talented and passionate members for our team that's creating a small horror game.

About the game: The game would be a sci-fi/post-apocalyptic survival horror 3D game with FPS (First person shooter) mechanics and an original setting and story based in a book (which I'm writing) scene, where a group of prisoners are left behind in an abandoned underground facility. It would play similar to Dead Space combined with Penumbra and SCP: Secret Laboratory, with the option of playing solo or multiplayer.

Engine that'd be used to create the game: Unity

About me: I'm a music composer with 4 years of experience and I'm fairly new in this game development world, and I'm currently leading the team that'd be creating this beautiful and horrifying game. I decided that making the book which I'm writing into a game would be really cool, and I got more motivated about doing so some time ago when I got a bunch of expensive Unity assets for a very low price. However, I researched about how to do things right in game development so I reduced the scope of it as much as I could so that's why this game is really based in a scene of the book and not the entire thing (and also that's why it would take 3 months). Also I'm currently learning how to use Unity and how to model things with Blender.

Our team right now consists of: Me (Game Designer, Creator, Music Composer, Writer), 2 3D Modelers, 1 Sound Effect Designer, 1 Concept Artist and 2 Programmers.

Who am I looking for:

- 3D Environment Artist experienced with the creation of high poly/realistic horror/underground/sci-fi environments.

- A talented 3D animator experienced in animating humanoid models, creatures and FPS movements/weapons/guns.

Right now the game is very early in its development (GDD is completed and all 3D Items, Music and Sound Effects are completed).

This is a rev-share project.

If you are interested in joining, contributing or have questions about the project then let's talk. You can message me through here or in Discord: world_creator#9524


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Good luck with your project, really strive hard.

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