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Enough is enough.

It was bad enough having to activate models that are sold. Why cant they simply take 60% or what ever the royalty rate is and dont mess with my listing ?

Next step is constantly sending you annoying emails about activation of your models.

And the last one was "Your account is temporary locked" ?

CLEARLY your rules were set in YOUR best interest, not in the customer. How much more selfish can you get ?

I cant delete my models and close my account because i need to buy credits first. This is getting worse and worse with every second.

Take your dirty money, delete my models and my profile all together.

Thanks allot.

I am out of here for good.


Posted about 10 years ago

Have you ever sold on TS? Do you really think that system is better than here? If you do, you must be deranged.

Seems all your models are gone. I suggest you take them to TS so you can revel in the magnificent 40% they pay.

Meanwhile, on CTG, I'm averaging about 85% royalty.

Posted about 10 years ago

Nice nickname. Why are you here exactly?

Posted about 10 years ago

Sold ton of models on turbosquid. Sold 2 in here and had more problems then sales.

Posted about 10 years ago

Not only that i had to buy credits to remove my models, i had to buy 5 credits for $4 worth sales making CG traider an extra buck. Also tax 1.05 was applied.
My anger is driving me nuts.
This place makes me sick.

Posted about 10 years ago

To pay easy on CGTrader credits increase sell price of your model.
For your own fail don't blame other people!
Check your trading strategy before, to earn money.

Posted about 10 years ago


Sorry for your bad experience, we will take your comments as important feedback and will do our best to change our system to make it more friendly.

We developed account locking because we had an increasing number of long term unpaid activations. We thought some users might be away for a long time and could not purchase credits, so we gave a month with several notification emails. But there were several users who didn't pay purposely and after blocking their accounts they paid back all the debts. To deal with this issue we developed lock system that would lock the account after a month of unpaid credits and automatically convert the next sale into credits to pay the debt. After that the account would return to normal state.

Apparently our activation/credit system have flaws and currently we are working so that the payments would be splitted during transactions. We will get rid of the locking as soon as we integrate new payment system.

Regarding the existing tiered activation, we also have been thinking about changing it to simple percentage. What do you think, would that be better option for you?

Posted about 10 years ago

"Regarding the existing tiered activation, we also have been thinking about changing it to simple percentage. What do you think, would that be better option for you?"

The issue with tiered activation system is that, i.e. if the model is $49 you only pay $5 for activation and if it is $51 you have to pay $10 - so it is logical to decrease the price of $51 model in order to save $4-$5. The best thing would be to leave the original $5 minimal activation fee and add 10% for models costing over $50.

Posted about 10 years ago

Totally agree with Ricardas Marozas.

To the OP - I totally fail to see how anyone could find CGT frustrating compared to TS.

Posted about 10 years ago

# of sales VS # of actions i must take in order to keep my sales going + my model prices = not very happy me.
I cant make my models priced any higher, they simply not worth that much in my opinion.
I asked someone to take a look and suggest prices but no luck.

Posted about 10 years ago

Then why don't you make better or other models, so you can price them higher. Or make packs of them with a higher price? There are lots of other ways to get by, without blaming the site for your problems...

Posted about 10 years ago

Thats the best i can do.

Posted about 10 years ago

I think Cg trader system is best for authors. On turbo squid you get only 40% non exclusive, and on 3d ocean just 33%. 3D ocean is may best seller but, you can put your price, and they put price that is 50% to 1000% lower then prices on turbosquid and cg trader, so you have model selling for $3 on 3docean and 25$ on other marketplaces.
This is because they have some relay stupid licenses. One purchase of model is one use. Everybody will buy and use more then one time.
So tell me what will you rather have 1$ or 20$ for same model.
If you are annoy by credit you need to purchase every time when you sell, buy more credits (something like 100). This will be enough for 20 sells if is price of your model is less then 50$

Also I need to warn you if you go exclusive on turbosquid think twice. Any model you put on checkmate certification, you can't delete them from turbosquid for few years, and you are not allowed to sell this models on other marketplaces

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