Is CGtrader not working?

Discussion started by MustardYT

First day here. I can't create projects (nothing shows up after multiple tries). I can't contact 3D designers (there's no record of my conversions). Is there any tech support on the weekend?


Posted 4 months ago

Not on weekends, you have to wait til Monday.

Try a different browser, resetting your cookies etc. I just uploaded a new model an hour ago, no problems on this end.

MustardYT wrote
Hey thanks for the reply. I tried different web browsers, same thing happens.
Posted 4 months ago

24 hours later, I am still unable to create my project. No reply from tech support.

Is this site being run out of some guys basement?

Posted 4 months ago

Update: Support got back to me. There was some sort of bug, but it's resolved now :)

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