is CG Trader Hacked ???

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I have uploaded a Substance designer Material on Cg trader few days ago , up until Now i have 21 views , But 57 Downloads ?????????? How is this even be possible. is CG Trader Hacked. Letting some external program to download all free stuff as soon as they are uploaded to this Website ? I am confused.


Posted over 1 year ago

One person can upload several of your files. I think because of this discrepancy

Posted over 1 year ago

Each file is counted as unique download. If you uploaded your material not as a single archive, but as a bunch separate textures, then users has to download all of them separately and that counts as multiple downloads. You can track all downloads from your dashboard and see for yourself:

LemonadeCG wrote
By the way, many sellers had used that fact for their advantage, when for each download they got awarded with reputation point. It was really easy to quickly climb reputation ladder back then :]
Wirecorp3DSales wrote
Thanks this information Helped me a lot.

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