I recently started here so check out my models

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I am Filip Radivojevic and i am an 3D artist. Working in a lot of 3D modeling programs like Maya, Mudbox, 3Ds Max and others.

Recently started my account here so check out my models that i recently posted. I will post a new models almost every single day, so i am mentioning this because you can see a lot of new models every day so you can check them out, and maybe find something interesting.
Here is a link to my profile: CGtrader


Posted over 3 years ago

Hi, I would reccomend to do better presentation (more renders and also wireframes - so customers can see how the model is built).
Also more detailed description would be usefull (for example textures dimensions etc.).

FIRA wrote
Thanks for suggestion, i will do that soon, i will update all of the products, their description and rendering images, i didn`t got time to fully post them, because i work on other marketplaces also, but soon i will update all the models. Also check my work on 3dexport, i left link in the post, there you can see models with full description and i posted different models. :D Thanks again :)

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