i have one active project. i have completed it.

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i am in contact with a client. should i send complete project file VIA Attach file in Progress tab section. how do we finish the project ? so i can get paid later?how do i know after giving project file. client wont run and he will pay me. is there any safe button or something


Posted about 1 month ago

For every project for the client to accept you for the job they need to prepay it. You should've received an email along the lines of "Congratulations! Client selected for the job and prepaid x amount"

Once they have prepaid it the money is held with cgtrader until the client marks the job as "complete". Then you'll get paid!

Send everything through the website and even if the client forgets to mark it as complete (which can happen) cgtrader will step in and mark it as complete for you.

All you have to make sure is that they have actually selected you for the job and prepaid it. Once that's the case just send the finished files to them and rest assured that everything will be sorted out one way or another.

Hope I explained that clearly enough. IF you have any questions just ask.


Posted 30 days ago

well the client personally hired me for the project..i accepted. for 9 $...now i have that project is on progress tab. so does it mean client prepaid 9$?i have recieved somekind of similar mail..but i deleted it without reading it

Posted 30 days ago

Yeah, for them to hire you they need to pre pay the job. So the website currently has the $9 for the job. When it's completed you'll receive the money

Posted 30 days ago

alright thanks for the reply.

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