I don't receive any money [Solved].

Discussion started by youngsoft

I sold a model in August (2017-08-31) and I don't receive any money. Today is October 20 and I still not getting paid.


Posted about 3 years ago

Hi there,

I see that your payment agreement wasn't confirmed yet. Our support team will take care of that and send you the money if everything is all right asap.

Eddie, CGTrader

hellraiser3d wrote
Hi can you please check our agreement too , thanks
Posted about 3 years ago

Thank you

Posted about 3 years ago

Hi youngsoft,

Our administrator checked your payment agreement and there were some issues - you should see them in your Payments information tab.

Hellraiser 3d,

You should receive the payment today.

daniel75088 wrote
I've submit my info on payment agreement please review!
Posted almost 3 years ago

I have same problem. How can I do ?

eduardas wrote
hi, Wire payments have a $200 minimum payout limit - so you can: 1) wait for the sum to accumulate to $200; 2) switch to Paypal/Payoneer. Second option will allow you to receive your money when December payouts are done

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