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Hello there, I don't know if this was posted before or not so excuse me.
I have been learning and practicing 3D modeling for few years as a hobby just like drawing. However, Recently I started looking for freelancing/part-time jobs to do in my free time to be more financially stable in college but I am quiet struggling to find any. Sadly I don't own much of my older work as I had a problem with my HDD in the past year and lost most of my data while trying to recover it so I don't have powerful portfolio after all, I tried creating one few days ago and uploaded like 5 of my old projects from 2 years ago or something and started working on another one. and started bidding on projects on freelancer, guru, and cg trader but didn't get accepted in any work for weeks and tried to add few models from my older game projects and so far I don't see a good sign. What do you guys think I should consider for the next step ? Do you suggest any other websites to look for jobs on it ? as I don't think I will win any projects on freelancer.com as all of them get really crowded specially by a lot of Indians within the first few minutes of posting it, how to improve my sales here ? where can I find more modeling request for anyone ? Any suggestion to make more money in my free time while studing ? I just need any kind of help to set me on track :)
Typically I work on HardSurfaces Game-Ready Models as I was learning game designing before if this worth mentioning
Thanks in advance.


Posted 5 months ago

It takes time. I would keep working on your portfolio in the area you are interested in as most will hire based on your portfolio. Keep applying to jobs that interest you wherever you can. Eventually you will find a client, usually you have to be fast on these freelancing site jobs as they get filled with bids quite fast. You can also build your own portfolio website and run some ads but that will cost some time and money.

Abdelrahman-Ahmed wrote
do you suggest any websites to take freelancing requests then ?
3D-Singh wrote
Upwork, freelancer.com, Peopleperhour and even cgtrader have freelancing/project section. Freelancing sites takes a lot of effort, you have to learn their rules, system. Some like Upwork you have to pay to even bid for projects. So these days I just get client from real life, word-of-mouth/recommendations. Only when I am really out of work do I mess around with freelancing sites and only on projects that are interesting to me. You can try this as well but its for animation projects. https://indie.artella.com/home

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