How to start learning 3D modeling (3D Character Artists)?

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Hello, I need advice from professionals to a beginners, how can they start 3d modeling(3D Character Artists)? what are the studies they need for that? Looking forward your suggestions and advices!

Thank you


Posted 4 months ago

anatomy and 3D modelling/texturing. If you wish to animate the characters then also rigging/animation. These days it also helps to know sculpting once you nail the basics.

Posted 4 months ago

traditional drawing skills are the basis for anything image-related in my view

stereomanik wrote
imagine you have a music synthesizer but you don´t know anything about music
Posted 4 months ago

Watch tutorials and make 3d models based on a professional concept art. You'll learn fast.

Posted 4 months ago

Do a basic tutorial then go make your own projects.
Try not to go from tutorial to tutorial, im not a pro if im wrong in this i would like to know?.

Good luck on your journey

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