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So I am putting together a package of models and I had a few questions. Should each model have it's own file (like FBX or OBJ) or should I produce a master file with all the models in it? Also, is there anything else I should do or be aware of when creating a package of several models?



Posted 8 months ago

Collections can really be a great resource. Definitely use them to your advantage. Also, when uploading one product, the "master" file should be the native scene file for whichever software you are creating for. For example, if you created the product for 3dsmax, then the .max file should include a texture folder for the model and anything else that needs to link to that .max file for the model to load. Then you can make FBX or OBJ versions of the exported model, and just include those in their own zip folder. Some people will include variations of the texture maps or whatever as a separate texture folder in its own zip too. The more file formats you include, the better, but do not put all the OBJ and FBX or whatever into the same zip as the .max (native) file, because that will increase the size of the download and is not necessary. If people buy it for .max, they don't care about the OBJ so why waste time downloading. Same thing the other way around.

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