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I am planning to make some tutorials related to 3D Modeling and game productions , but i don't find any good example tutorilas untill now that have been posted here , has someone found some good exaple of an tutorial here , please ping me with the link



Posted over 1 year ago

Community - Tutorials - My tutorials - Create tutorial.

And I made some tutorials, I guess you can take the grenade modeling one as example if you want. (

wirecorpstudios wrote
Do you have any idea like which section of 3D Production needs more tutorials?
acera17 wrote
Honestly I don't know, because it depends of which category of 3D designers you will be targeting.
Posted over 1 year ago

No offence, but i think it's way too early for you to think about making tutorials.

wirecorpstudios wrote
I was just planning on some basics , but thanks i will consider your advice.
LemonadeCG wrote
I'm glad to see that you didn't take that as offense. There's nothing wrong with you intentions, bu thing is, there already are tons and tons of all sort tutorials, especially basic ones. Do you really want to waste your time and contribute to a sea of existing low value tutorials, when it's most likely, that no one ever will be learning from it? I think tutorials should be made, when you have something unique to say and teach, like when you discover some technique, that you never saw anywhere else. Otherwise, you'll be doing something that was made countless time before you. I think you'd better devote that time to learn something new - that will be much more beneficial to you.

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