How to increase the number of model views?

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How to increase the number of model views?


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This topic has come up many times on this forum, I recommend to search for those discussions.

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1. Make your presentation and tags spot on as possible:
Keep Google ranking in mind so make your description as complete as possible. Tell in detail about what your providing and give enough technical information. Keywords are very important so take enough time to think about them.

3. Use Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Behance, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
Having many social profiles and spend some time on them to transfer traffic from one to the others can make your network stronger, it works better with eye catching stuff but you can also provide tutorials or give something away for free and post about it.

3. Avoid making models for overcrowded category's:
Posting models that get 5000 hits when someone enters the keyword for it will land your item at page 150 or something and most people do not go past page 15. In that case your only hope is the per price filter and providing the models for 2 dollars so it shows up on page 6 or something when people use that filter.

If you manage to get sales then that works best, it brings your stuff to the front and then it gets more views.

Here are some tips for better sales (

More views tips (

And some suggestions on getting strategic about what types of items to produce because views is not everything (

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Only incomprehensible - exactly which categories are full? By the way, those models that have a lot of views are not present in social networks at all.

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I would say, if you put up a model and it needs to compete with 800 of the same type then that category is basically full. Most of your listings are in category people, I get 220 pages when typing in the keyword people (basically 7920 models). To me that looks like full 10 times over, you have to bring underrepresented quality to this category and be a marketing expert to get in the front of this enormous line. Keep in mind customers get very picky when they see 800 or more listings, very small details then matter wish one is going to get skipped over quickly. For example this model ( those eyes look upside down, makes the character look weird or scared. The hair shadowing has some problems and rendering is very basic one light setup, it does not scream out “click me quality here”. Also if you provide video, that's great, but when it then shows intersecting geometry, etc. that's not going to help. Remember your selling trough the images, I would recommend do some Unreal engine tutorials and use the build in skin and hair PBR materials and rig the characters to be used in real-time applications geared towards VR/AR, you probably find 10 times bigger market then what you target now.

The analytics tool provides comprehensive solutions to zoom in on what is in categories and what people type in the CGt search field. In this video Dalia Lasaite explains everything you need to know about the marketplace and how to use analytics tool (starts around 21 minute but just watch the whole video if you have the time)

Regarding models with lots of views not present on social networks, your probably looking on wrong pages? Go to Google images and drag drop the images you want to find on more locations. I have come across many successful CGt models on Pinterest and Artstation, also spotted some in facebook 3D graphics groups.

ArchimedProduction wrote
Thank. All comments are generally constructive. But of course there are still questions. Why, when a certain level is reached, even model views stop at all ??
iterateCGI wrote
I hope you see the positive side of this but people just generally don't spend hours viewing 8000 listings, they stay within first 10 pages and some may go beyond 30 but it would be very few because things generally start to degrade in comparison with what is on those first pages (not always). Also keep in mind if models are top notch they potentially get up-ranked with this ( Unfortunately this is not very well for those who are not considered top notch as those then automatically fall more to the back, but it may encourage people to aim higher in order to also get in favor with those community raters. CGt gets over 4 million visits a month and provides tools for getting to know what they look for and what on average they spend, if taken these things to advantage then no problems getting views and sales. Also consider the 2 dollar strategy to get in better viewing position when people use the per price filter can backfire, your listings then basically get thrown in lowest grade and then people may consider cut everything below 10 dollars and potentially removing your listings along with them, so maybe try 12 or 15 on those.
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