How to import FBX file with texture applied in 3DS MAX!

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It seems simple enough but I have no Idea why it doesn't include textures when the META files and textures are included, FBX imports nicely but no textures. tried contacting the artist who did the model but no go, can someone help please, looked all over the internet for an answer.


Posted about 2 months ago

If the artist didn't export the model with embedded textures then you need to apply the textures yourself. What textures were included, upload a screenshot to and share the link here so we can see that way we can help you while you are waiting to hear back from the artist.

ashwoodstudios wrote
Sorry I wrote that the wrong way. I have the texture folder that come with the model but when I opened the FBX file I only see the colored meshes. I checked the origins it was made in Blender but when I opened in Blender still no textures. I checked the 3ds max material library and has one Sub-material 0 with three slots with nothing in them. What are the .META files for, do them relink the textures to the models? I can't apply the textures because them need proper UVW coordinates from the .TGA files, going to be a nightmare for novice like me.
3DCargo wrote
@ashwoodstudios, the mesh should have uv coordinates these will be baked into the mesh - they are not linked to the .tga files in any way. You just need to place the textures into a material and apply the material to your mesh object. Screenshots will help.
3DCargo wrote
Follow this and see if this works for you. Step1: Step2:
Posted about 2 months ago

Okay thanks 3DCargo, I will give that a try.

Posted about 2 months ago

Good post, a lot of stuff in here i did not know about

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