how to get more views on our product?

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hello everyone , does anyone know technics which lead to more views on the products we upload? mine get around 2 or 3 views which is really low and disappointing


Posted 2 months ago

The fact that you have mastered the basic skills of working with masks and brushes in ZBrush is certainly good, but this will not surprise anyone now. Black panther mask also does not turn into your unique design, no matter how many custom ornaments you added.

And considering how much time it will take to correct the topology, your loud statement from item descriptions “Save Time and Bring More Quality to Your Work!” looks at least strange and absurd.

"Your satisfaction is our first priority" sounds like a crap, tired slogan from equally crap, worthless advertising.

Harsh reality is that your models created in ZBrush 2022 look much worse than models created by ZBrush 4R7. All this can be fixed, but it takes time and patience.

productstemis wrote
thanks for your honest feedback, its really valuable for our team:)
Posted 2 months ago

In general, view count is not so related to sales. I have models with more than 100 views without sale. Also, I have models with 20-30 views which were purchased. 1 model has been bought from 3rd view, 1 model from 12th view.

productstemis wrote
what you mentioned is conversion rate, if the product you have sold gained more views you sold more, so its kind of related
jaguarbeastproduction wrote
Maybe some would change if you replace "floor" by "storey" here
abel-x wrote
Noted, thank you.
Posted about 2 months ago

Maybe you should try to give an exposure to your artworks. Add some link and creative content to your community or social media.

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