How often do you make a sale on your stores?

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Hey, I was just wondering, how often do you guys make a sale on your stores? I've gotten one sale a week this month.


Posted about 1 month ago

With these third world prices I predict very, very few sales and incomes for you

lockiabel wrote
third world prices?
Posted about 1 month ago

Never had any sales can't really help you :p

Posted about 1 month ago

There are literally dozens of things that factor into how frequently you will make a sale. Generally speaking, if you can make ONE sale per day, then you are doing better than 90% of the sellers here. That's something you should think about when pricing your models. Are you going to sell enough of them at $2 per model to get a payout at the end of the month? 99.9% of the people here will never sell enough products per day to justify a $2 per model price.

Posted about 1 month ago

My average sales now is around 35 models per month. I agree the low prices wont do you any good. Low price does not grantee more sales, on contrary in fact, it makes people suspicious your probably selling rubbish, stolen or beginner models full of errors.

achille-pasquier wrote
Really nice job keeps me motivated to see that people can have a good sales rate :)
Posted about 1 month ago

My average sales is 4.8 models per month, taking the entire past year into account. My best month ever was 10 sales :/

lucasbenicio wrote
It's a bit demotivating.
achille-pasquier wrote
It’s already good you have good models keep it up :)
luxxeon wrote
Considering you have just 45 models in your portfolio, each of them in a category that is highly competitive, that's not really a bad ratio. So theoretically, if you can double the content in your portfolio to 90 models without sacrificing quality, you could potentially double your monthly sales. Wash, rinse, repeat. Of course, sales growth is not really linear. It's usually exponential, meaning that the stronger your portfolio gets in size and quality, the more you will see sales growth. Also, if you're good to your customers, they may return more than once. So don't get discouraged or demotivated. If anything, it should motivate you more to keep creating and plowing through. Just don't rely on this as your only means of income.
Posted about 1 month ago

I sometimes sell 2 or 3 per day, the highest has been 9, sometimes I don't sell anything for a week on here but start selling on Sketchfab and elsewhere. It's a strange world that you can't plan out because you're at the whim of others.

Marketing is another thing, if you're good at it then you will sell stuff.

Keep your chin up and keep posting your models. Eventually, you will find your niche, and the sales will follow.

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