How can I encourage people to download some of my models?

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I have good quality models (I think) but no one has bought anything other than my arrow which is free. How can I get more to notice my models when they are browsing?


Posted over 3 years ago

Hi Pamela,

From what I've seen on CGT, you probably have to think about increasing your portfolio. Usually, if a designer only has a few models, they have to be of outstanding quality to be purchased.
As for those who look for free models, they will usually keep doing just that - looking for free models.

All in all, be patient, work hard and improve!

Eddie, CGTrader

Posted over 3 years ago

I've seen people "advertise" by giving away their free models in the Unity Asset Store or the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Then they put in a link back to their work here. It gets the word out about CGTrader and you specifically if you do it this way. Maybe offer lowpoly versions of some of your work...etc. The game developer community is always looking for unique, it may just lead to a hiring,

Good luck.

Posted over 3 years ago

Now I'm not experienced enough to say I have all the answers but there are many factors that comes in consideration when trying to sell models, such as demand, quality, price, presentation (don't underestimate this point), availability, amount of models etc.

I took a look at your profile and you only have one picture for each model which isn't ideal. Having more pictures, several angles, wireframes, sample of UVs/texture if available and perhaps a sketchfab model would help. However as mentioned you have just a few models which is low, unless they are superb quality and in demand you won't sell much.
Add more models and also, if you have lots of simple models that follows a theme (scary, halloween, cartoons, love etc. etc.) make a bundle and package that up.

Brenden-Pilsner wrote
Ok but how do I make a wireframe/UV photo?
RandomPolygons wrote
There are many techniques, I only know Maya haven't tried Blender, but I'm sure that if you google or youtube it you will get tons of ways. One technice that works for all applications is to bake out/snapshot the UV's into a texture and apply that on the model.

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