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So hi there,I'm Donna and I'm the new one it would seem lol.

Just found this place after a google search on selling my 3D models,so HowdiHo to all of you :) or at least the one or two that I may reach out of curiosity.

My passions are gaming,modelling,keeping active both in body and mind by always learning new things,speaking of which is what brought me to you guys here.

3D modelling was always an alien concept that I never ever thought I'd pick up,so I'm glad I did as I'm currently 1/4 through my first real major project,I've learnt allot from my first error message in Fusion360 (be them Yellow or Red) and now they be gone haha hopefully never to return as it would be sorely an issue with my planning.

My main tool that I use is Fusion360 as it taught me all I needed,I now feel like I'm raiding a dungeon in ATTLP (no thought just do,"GET THE HEART PIECE" at all costs),yes I'm a big gamer :))

Soo Hi


Posted about 1 month ago

Hey Donna, Welcome to the cgtrader community.
WISH you best of luck for the future :)

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