Help! I need guidance to choose the right path.

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Hello to all.

I am Viam and I need your help so that I can make the right decision for my future...

I have just turned 25 y.o and I am looking for a change in my life.

It has been almost 4 years since I entered the world of 3D and modeling, materials making, etc., and now I have reached a point where I think I should work somewhere or enter the university in the field of gaming!

I am confused in choosing these two and I want those who read this article to look at my portfolio and guide me in finding a job or a way to enter university ...

You can see some of my work samples in the CGtrader.

Let me say that I live in Iran and I have a bachelor's degree in architecture engineering. I am looking for a way to find a job or study at universities abroad.

Thanks if anyone has experience to share or guide me.

Regards Viam

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