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Hello everybody

sorry for english I type with the help of an interpreter.

soon I will finish the work on one model over which I worked for more than a year and would like to be determined with the price rummaged on the Internet

but nothing sensible is not found, who can tell how much this model can cost, the model is made in the format of skp,

this is the lunar orbital base from the movie starship troopers 1997, the model is not yet published, but the preliminary model data

edges 96418999

faces 36963378

component instances 1409430

grups 318979

component definitions 1427

layers 14

materials 35

p.s. I wanted to be commented on by 3d artists


Posted 7 months ago

add some render and wireframe pictures here in this forum. It is impossible to evaluate your work without seeing your model.
I am not familier with sketchup but I must say that 37 millions of faces is horribly high number and I wouldn't be able to open such hyper-high-poly model. But I don't know how complex your model is.
And also in space category (space shuttles, spaceships, orbital stations, buttle ships etc.) there is a big competition and there are a lot of high quality models of cheap price. But if your model is unique in some way (design, extreme quality) than it can have higher price.

chtazi wrote
alas, I can not render the weight of the model too large, here is the link to the photo

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