Have not/will not receive payment for a sale?

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So way back on 2015-01-30 i made a sale and about nine dollars after Final Royalties.
However, i had not entered ANY payment information. So years later, (a few days ago) i added the payment information and made another sale.

It says i'll receive 21$ for the new sale which already has payment information set up, but on the sale from 2015 it says ill receive 0$. Can somebody explain to me why is that? Does the money like EXPIRE after a certain time if i had not received it?!

Another thing: in my dashboard it shows the full amount i should earn, including the sale from 2015. but the payment information section says ill be paid less.

That'd be VERY disappointing...


Posted 5 months ago


Thank you for contacting us!
Can you please forward this message to support@cgtrader.com? The support team will assist you with this issue.

All the best,
Gabija from CGTrader

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