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i want to render on my gpu. i am using 3dsmax2018 with v-ray next. when i render anything i have notice it took many minutus, i check card performence through GPU-Z and there is 0& GPU load. i want to render on GPU or both CPU. is there any solution how to do it ?


Posted about 2 months ago

Did you select V-Ray GPU Next for your render engine (Instead of V-Ray Next)?

uzairali wrote
sir it's VRAY NEXT , not vray GPU next , i tried to switch into vray gpu next , BUT when i render my scean there is an error occure "could not obtain a license (-98) there is no license for this type in chaos group "
Posted about 2 months ago

V-Ray GPU Next is the GPU renderer for Vray. Contact Chaos Group if you cannot activate your license correctly.

Posted about 2 months ago

3DCargo is correct. VrayNEXT is the CPU-only version of the render engine. As you obviously know, VRAYNext GPU is a separate rendering option. Make sure the license settings for your render node are pointing to the computer with your licensing dongle, and make sure the TCP port isn't blocked by a firewall.

Posted about 2 months ago

Use FrameBuffer to select GPU or CPU engine

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