Giving away my prizes in exchange for some 3ds Max help

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Hi! So it seems I have won the architectural challenge, which is awesome! Unfortunately I can only make use of Substance Live. Ashamed to admitt it, but Zbrush is the only modeling software I know and use. So the rest of the great prizes will be wasted on me. I would like to give them to someone who can actually benefit. But I do not want to do this entirely for free (sorry...). I would like to do it in exchange for a collaboration on a few projects. So I am looking for an environment artist fimiliar with 3ds Max. What I would like as a "payment" is following:

1. Converting 3 OBJ textured models into "professional looking" .3ds files with lighting and everything. It would like this person to see if my diffuse textures are enough, or maybe some other maps would be required to create a model that is up to a professional standard. Additionaly in general give me some pointers about creating assets that display well in 3ds Max. I understand it is the main format for textured models.

2. In near future, when my library of textured sculpture models grows enough, I would like to create a whole 3ds Max scene of a museum/palace hall. I would provide all textured models of sculptures and architectural details (columns, niche's etc). What would be required is arranging it and generally creating a scene ready for rendering. I really would like it to be high quality, something like this:

I do not really know how much work this is. The prizes are worth over 700 dollars. Hope I am not overdoing it. But if You feel up to the task please contact me!


Posted about 4 years ago

Congrats on winning!!!

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